Your Ultimate 3-Day North Goa Itinerary

Welcome to the vibrant and picturesque North Goa, a perfect destination for travellers seeking a blend of relaxation, adventure, and rich cultural experiences. Over three days, explore the stunning beaches, indulge in the local cuisine, and dive into the historical richness of this beautiful region. This itinerary will guide you through the best North Goa has to offer, ensuring a memorable escape from the mundane.

Day 1: Discovering Baga Beach and its Environs

Begin your adventure in North Goa by checking into your chosen accommodation in the vibrant area of Baga. Refresh and gear up for an exciting evening exploring the beach. Baga Beach, famous for its stunning sunsets and lively night scene, offers a plethora of activities. As the sun dips below the horizon, the area comes alive with numerous shacks lighting up, serving delicious seafood and cold beers.

  • Evening Activities: Enjoy a sunset stroll, dine at popular spots like Suza Lobo or Jamies, and explore the night markets.

Conclude your night by soaking in the vibrant nightlife of North Goa—visit places like Tito’s or Brittos for some dance and music.

Day 2: Cultural Exploration in Old Goa

Start early and head towards Old Goa, which is a short drive from the coastal belt. Here, you’ll find yourself amidst the historical and UNESCO-listed sites like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. These monuments are a testament to the rich Portuguese heritage of the region.

  • Lunch: Sample traditional Goan cuisine at a heritage bungalow in Fontainhas.
  • Afternoon: Continue exploring the colorful streets of Fontainhas, known for its Portuguese bungalows and quaint cafes.

Return to your hotel by evening, perhaps stopping at Anjuna Beach for a sunset view if time permits.

Day 3: Adventure and Leisure in North Goa

On your last day, indulge in the adventurous side of Goa. Start with water sports at Sinquerim Beach, known for parasailing and water skiing. Post your adrenaline rush, relax on the quieter beaches of Vagator or Anjuna.

  • Morning: Engage in watersports and enjoy the thrill of parasailing over the Arabian Sea.
  • Afternoon: Relax on the beach or explore the nearby forts like Aguada and Chapora, which offer panoramic views of the coastline.

Wrap up your trip with an evening at a local flea market where you can pick up souvenirs and enjoy one last Goan sunset.

Extended Activities and Local Delights

If you find yourself yearning for more, consider extending your stay to experience additional attractions in North Goa. Explore the local markets for handicrafts, and don’t miss the Saturday Night Market in Arpora, which is a treasure trove of local arts, crafts, and fashion. Additionally, take a day trip to the less crowded but equally enchanting beaches of Morjim and Ashwem, where you can experience tranquillity away from the tourist buzz.

  • Dining Experience: Try the array of beach shacks along the coast, each offering a unique taste of Goan cuisine, with seafood being the highlight.
  • Cultural Touch: Visit the Museum of Goa to delve deeper into the state’s vibrant art scene.

Travel Tips for a Smooth Journey

  • Transport: Rent a scooter for easy mobility and a true Goan experience.
  • Accommodation: Choose beachfront properties in Baga or Calangute for quick access to the beach and nightlife.
  • Food: Don’t miss trying the local Goan fish curry and the famous bebinca dessert.
  • Weather: Wear light clothing and sunscreen during the day as Goa can be quite sunny, especially if you are visiting during the dry season.


Though a three-day visit just scratches the surface of what Goa has to offer, this itinerary ensures you experience the best of North Goa’s beaches, culture, and adventure. Whether you’re lounging on sandy shores or exploring ancient ruins, North Goa promises a memorable escape from the daily grind. With this flexible itinerary, you’re well-equipped to enjoy a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration in the stunning landscape of Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 3 days enough for North Goa?

Yes, three days are generally sufficient to experience the highlights of North Goa, especially because the main attractions are close to each other. This makes it possible to enjoy everything from partying at Titos and Mambos to relaxing at sunset at Butterfly Beach within a shorter span of time.

2. Is North Goa cheaper or South Goa?

North Goa is typically more budget-friendly compared to South Goa. It offers a range of affordable accommodations, from hotels and resorts to beach shacks. These places not only provide beautiful views but also come with excellent service, friendly staff, and delicious food, all making North Goa a great option for a budget holiday.

3. How many days to spend in North Goa?

For a thorough enjoyment of what North Goa has to offer, especially its famous beaches like Calangute, Baga, and Anjuna, it is advisable to spend at least 3–4 days. This allows for a relaxed pace to soak in the beach vibes and explore the local culture and cuisine.

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